High School Sweethearts

Were were high schools sweethearts that went to rivalry schools. We met through an odd set of circumstances where Jeff actually had a crush on my best friend. Somehow we ended up exchanging phone numbers and for the next few months we exchanged text messages occasionally. Finally, our paths crossed when we decided to hang out one night over spring break. After that first night hanging out Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend 4 days later, through MSN messenger I might add. I'm sure we both thought it was the typical young teen relationships you hang out a couple times and eventually move on to the next relationship. Instead, we have been together ever since. Who thinks they are going to meet their soul mate at 15 years old? I guess we're just lucky. We saw each other through the best and worst of times, probably in more depth than most high school relationships. He even played a part in me becoming a member of the LDS church. He even spoke at my baptism.

Jeff followed me to college at SUU (Southern Utah University) and that is when we both knew that we wanted to get married. Anyone who knows me knows I hate the cold and hate getting up in the morning. Jeff didn't have class in the morning, but every day through the winter he would wake up early and scrap off his car and get it all warm and toasty so I wouldn't have to do that. Then he would drive me to school and pick me up with breakfast ready before I went to work. If I wasn't already sure, this proved he was a keeper. It was only 3 (semi) short years later that we were engaged. He proposed on Valentine's weekend 2011 and we were sealed for all eternity on August 18, 2011 in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a perfect day.

We have now been married for 6 months and loving every minute of it. Due to Jeff's nursing program we had to move and we ended up buying a townhome near the school. We love owning our own place and feel so blessed we were able to at the young age of 22. Each month we pick a new project and find new decorations we can put up for the season/holiday. We are learning that owning a house involves many lessons and adventures along the way. You will come to read of our many adventures through our married life. We went into this marriage as a team and that is how we face everything. My favorite thing about our marriage is that we split our responsibilies and chores equally. Jeff does the dishes in our house, because he knows that I hate touching wet-soggy food (yuck!) and I do the laundry since Jeff hates folding clothes (though if I need help he always is willing to help.)

As a wedding present Jeff gave me a sweet little Golden Retriever mixed puppy to our family. I always wanted a puppy since I was a little girl. Oakley brings so much energy into our marriage and I couldn't imagine him not being around. He is amazingly smart and a great dog. We always joke that he is our birth control right now, because he is like raising a kid. He is giving us great practice and preparing us till we are ready to have kids. We recently added a little black lab puppy to our family, Bailee. She has been a blessing to all of us. She is really sweet, but very spunky. She adores Oakley and they eat, sleep, play, and attack each other all day long. We are so lucky to have 2 wonderful dogs.

We are both going to school and working full time and that keeps us pretty busy. We moved an hour away from our family to go to school and are still trying to adjust to a new city. Jeff is pursing nursing school currently and wants to continue beyond that. Doctor? Nurse Practitioner? We will see when we get there. I am finishing my bachelor's degree and want to go to law school. I would love attend law school in New York or maybe southern California,  but we will just have to see where life takes us. Right now we are just living life and figuring out all of life's lessons. We can't wait to start a family and are just waiting till its the right time (hopefully not to far down the road, shhh).